Is Fnix rising DLC worth it?

So, I have just finished the main game with my friend and thought of maybe buying the DLC, but the steam reviews aren’t that great to say the least,but most of them are old reviews and I didn’t find that much about it online. Has it gotten any better and is it worth to buy?

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If you and your friend enjoyed the game then take the risk on an expansion DLC to continue.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Alpine Unrest - that one adds a significant campaign, a new island etc. The newer DLC didn’t do much for me, but if you want more missions and want to interact with various structures that are otherwise just sitting there, go for it.


If you like GZ, it is certainly worth it. :coffee:


I also think Alpine Unrest is the best DLC , really great and new island to explore and it’s worth it!
FNIX rising is part of the GZ story , if you’ve invested in the game in time and emotion I would continue the story , DLC won’t break the bank and they offer more, I’ve had a long break but recently been playing again , I’ve played pretty much since launch but GZ offers something different.
I am hoping for more from this game like Alpine Unrest or a sequel, let’s see :v:

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Just don’t expect too much.
There are no new weapons, items or enemies in fnix rising.

There are some cool missions, some more lore, 2 new locations if I’m not wrong (ring fort tunnel base and one mission related fnix cave) … But nothing more.

But for this low price it’s worth, if you like the game in general.


Hosted a public co-op a few days ago. The game play was great, and we could jump from one region to the next destroying machines and then the reaper in each region. After we ran out of areas to find fresh machines to battle one of the players could not make the jump to the island, so I kept us on the mainland. Still was fun but the island has a higher chance to loot some of the rarer weapons and collectibles on it. Also nothing less than FNIX machines to battle.

but the regions we hit again coughed up another reaper, so all was good.

The pros out weigh the cons of the 2 expansion DLCs. But, wait for them to go on sale if cost an issue.


Only if you want to know what’s behind the locked door.

Or if you want revenge for Masskar.

To me, the DLCs that are really worthwhile buying are the story DLCs. FNIX Rising and Alpine Unrest are must-haves as far as I’m concerned.

FNIX Rising doesn’t add a lot in terms of the number of missions, but it reveals a lot of story in that short story arc.

I only hope that one day we’ll get more storytelling of this calibre in a longer format - either a new DLC island or a sequel to GZ.


@Chickenbanner Get fnix rising when its on sale.

Get Alpine Unrest ASAP…you even get a new small Island.

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Still happily playing without the FNIX rising DLC… :man_shrugging:

@Chickenbanner, Saw this being announced today…

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to snag the latest DLCs (or to grab your very first one) your wait is over.
Generation Zero is currently running a Flash Sale on Steam now until May 9th. All DLCs and the base game are on sale, up to 70% off!
Some of the discounts include:

:mountain_snow: Alpine Unrest - 57% off
:truck: FNIX Rising - 57% off
:motorcycle: Motorbikes - 25% off
:european_castle: Base Defense Pack - 43% off
:gun: US Weapons Pack - 50% off


3,43€ for Fnix rising… That’s worth it.


That’s worth it easy ! :joy:

Even at full price, FNIX Rising is 100% worth it. The fact it’s on sale makes it a must-buy if you don’t already own it.