Is FNIX using people in the creation of AI?

I’m thinking in a similar way to the way FNIX was created in the first place?

I figure the individual AI programs that runs each machine has to created somehow. Even if it’s a limited to basic seek and destroy behavior a runners AI would still have to know it’s an individual with a body, be able to identify objects and differentiate if they are neutral or a threat, be able to navigate varied terrain and understand categories like building structure, plant, animal, human, and vehicle, and be able to strategize and co-operate with other machines.

That sort of thing didn’t exist until a human mind melded with a computer system, it makes sense that FNIX would re-create that in order to build his army?

It does raise some uncomfortable questions though, whenever we kill a Tank are we also destroying the remains of a human mind? Or are the machines just drones that any AI pilot can run remotely?

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In the Good Night mission when Veronica said; “All the data say there should be a lot of survivors here. Where did they all go?”, Fnix answers; “Worry not. I moved my precious resources somewhere you will never harm them.”.

This suggest that the human resources, if indeed they are together forming a machine controlling AI, are doing that remotely. It wouldn’t be efficient if when machines are destroyed, the controlling units are also destroyed. They are precious to FNIX.


I think FNIX is the driving mind and hes using the human minds as computing power. I kind of got that from him saying “I am so much more than this borrowed memory.” Although it’s unclear if he is referring specifically to Svante or the people he is using.