Is it normal that machines respawn when you die ps4

Hey everyone this one bothers me a bit I was playing on base ps4 solo and I was Just over the bridge to the main island when I saw a tank killed it and walked further later I saw a hunter but didnt have any adreline shots so I pressed x to abandon but the tank was respawn hè was a 1 hit kill and I tryed it a couple of Times and hè kept respawning is this normal it isnt stupid or anything Just want to know and sorry for spelling english is not my main language

@24bassgaming - Its a known bug where if you kill something and fast travel, it will respawn with 1 HP. I first encountered this with 3 hunters, and I didn’t fast travel - freaked me out as I had little ammo and health left; then spent the next hour in game trying to figure out what awesome weapon/ammo combo did the 1 shot kills (didn’t know of the bug at the time).