Is it only in my game it happens?

Before I (we) say it’s a bug, can you please travel to this area and reply back if you find anything abnormal going on there?
For me it’s repeatable time after time. Just want to know if it’s the same for everyone.

Mission: Start from the safehouse in the church, South-East corner in the picture and run up past the grave hills to the gas station just left of my marker. Kill all and report the number back here.

Hint: Bring a lot of ammo and meds! :wink:


I got something between 13 to 20 Harvesters, think all been Military class and 2-4 Tanks Military, Fenix and sometime Apo-class. Hunters and Runners - haven’t had time to count them all.
And I been there for 3 days in a row now, fighting 1h-1½h+ each time.
It’s like a highway for harvester over there, but is it only in my game?


Nope, its the same for me. A real hotspot that area for sure.

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oohh sounds fun! i´m gonna check it tonight.
i`l give an update soon :wink:

Note: That area was always hot ( 2 tanks, 3 harvesters, lots of runners and some hunters).

I will check it out​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

You are right!!! So much fun! thank you!!
it`s been 30 minutes :

No Fnix or Apoc enemies
8 Harvesters
10 Hunters
16 Runners

Note. After more 15 m more 5 runners and more 5 harvesters, Nice one!!

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Just couple of days go, killed 12 Military harvesters, 2 Military tanks, all those 48 Runners, and some random patrol of 4-6 Military Hunters there.

Yes, this place is sometimes like war zone. :smiley:


Oh yeah, Bockhyttan, was there 2 days ago, team of two, just wanted to pass, got 4 M-harvesters, 4 FNIX-hunters, 6 M-hunters, about 20 M-dogs.

Each and every visit is worth. There are couple of these places around the map, like Bockhyttan, Östervik Industriområde, F23 Överby base and others…

It always starts with 1 tank or harvester and ends 20+ minutes later with 40-50 dead enemies.


Östervik Industriområde and F23 Överby have gived some fun moments too.
Especially if I feel bored, all the gas canisters laying around in the warehouses and then a couple of boomboxes at Östervik or I just travel to F23 and take a bike ride down the runway.
Almost always ends badly for me. If you are on the bike at F23 and get a direct hit from the big rockets, you will end up like a rocket! :rofl:

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48 Runners! Oh boy, have just felt they are many of them and when I’m done Bockhyttan and nearby surroundings always look like a big scrap yard that is impossible to count downed enemies in.

Was there last night and it was the poorest payout so far.

2+2+1+1+1 military harvester, even had time to count my Runner kills this time, 30!
And that in just 20-25 min. Then I left Bockhyttan on foot following the road almost straight north to that bunker you see in my first post. Just to get hammered down by 5 tanks, 2 harvesters, 16 hunters and I don’t know how many runners and drones, all Fenix class. (Just hate the Fenix runners with rocket launchers!)
And the Hunters and Runners was even glitching in to the bunker killing me 3 times!

Went to that loc myself and it was business as usual. No insane amount of machines or anything.

Met 2x mil harvs, 9x mil hunters and 4x proto runners guarding the relay beacon there. After clearing them out, i headed to the new tower POI added in latest update. Once i returned to that town, met 3x mil harvs near it and that was all.

I checked it out probably top 5 insane fights
4 tanks (3 fnix 1 apoc)
30+ hunters (fnix, very annoying):rage::rage::rage:
Several runners (fnix… again)
Harvesters (6 fnix)
Lost 3 adrenaline shot 2 stacks of simple med kits and 1 stack of advanced med kits and a ton of ammo.
Wish i recorded it :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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So I went back with a friend that hadn’t play for several month, of course we had guerrilla chosen.

And going back and forward and not to big circles around both curch and Bockhyttan ended up with GZ’s Battle of the Little Bighorn, it was a slaughter. Wish all corpses had stayed and not just the big ones. Would been epic :grimacing:

Resulted in only 3 Tanks, 1 of each A-, F and M-class and just 29 Harvsters…
Most F-class but some M-class had to die too. Who had time to count Hunters and Runners, qualified guess about 30 hunters and 60-70 Runners and swarms of annoying flying bugs. :slight_smile:

Worst thing is that loot from Fenix harvesters is so poor, ammo for the Magnus or hunting rifles, who wants that when your exp.KVM 59 is chewing 7.62 like kids around a bowl of sweets and you use the 9mm K-pist as secondary but got several hundreds of “incompatible” 9mm???

( Realy, that’s the most annoying fact of all, “incompatible” 9mm… In Sweden at the time it was 9mm FMJ a.k.a. 9mm Luger for both weapons, that’s it! And so had it been from WW II, long before Nato picked it up and called it 9x19 NATO . No Armour piercing nor any weaker charge here.)
Just had to write it off me :smiley:

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Despite the poor loot it sounds like a lot of fun :sweat_smile:

It was! We just hade to keep an eye to our back. Those hunters ar really stealthy some times.
And thanks to Runners and Hunters, especially military ones giving some meds and ammo we managed to do all this with just one restock of supplies in about 1½h.

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