Is it possible at all to use the soviet uniform

Can you wear what the dead soviets you find in checkpoints use ?

Could you please keep your political opinions for yourself? This is a game forum where we discuss Generation Zero game, which takes place in late 80’s… Thank you

OP is asking if the Soviet uniforms are part of the drops and the answer is no, maybe @devs could tell if they will be added later on…


I agree. @Mr_A1992, I’ve edited your post. No harm done, but keep it in mind please.


Damn they should totally add it in the future because its a pretty cool looking outfit, maybe for a future dlc or clothing pack

I’m not sure.
We are the resistance. Swedish people.
Why should be wear soviet uniforms?

I see no reason unless there would be a mission for which we need one. In this case it could be really cool.

Imagine a soviet outpost on a new island where we have to get some secret plans. To get there we have to get to a soviet extraction transport for evacuation of the soviet personal. And to be able to enter it, we need a soviet uniform.
To get the uniform we have to search some dead soldiers for good trousers, a jacket, a helmet and shoes.


Those are facts and not political opinions.
Political opinions is me saying i prefer a certain US or Brasilian candidate.
Not me side mentioning real time facts about KIA units in a certain area from a certain country and real facts about ingame dead soldiers.

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