Is it possible to unlock EVERY skill?

I’m asking this again to get more answers. From what I was told before, You can’t. But what do others say? I’m level 27 and some guy joined me who was level 30. I am no where near to unlocking even half of the whole skills, But this guy had everything unlocked. I was recording a video to show locations for items/guns when this guy joined and I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or really good at hiding that he is using a hack to give himself everything. When I finish uploading this video, I’ll edit this post for you all to see.

Sound like a hack. With one skill point per level, there’s no way to legitimately max out all trees.

Not possible unless you a modding person thingy ,No XP level 30 onwards , which does not make sense , it cost’s 4 PT’s to get max carry , max carry should be on every skill tree i think , what you say people ?

So this is news to me, I knew there was a limit but I didn’t know where, level 30 is maxed for skills but I also heard from someone else that level 60 was max player level.

Yeah, lvl 30 is confirmed max level. This is a hacker, and you’ve went and caught the dude on Candid Camera. lol

This will change in some way the devs want feedback and they wanna see us happy , go check live stream from 2 days ago , i am waiting on patch before having another go , great game bit stressfull with bugs , cheers

It only benefits them but still, ruins the game for them and they level up faster + probably all active skills which is completely unfair but until they start spawning items or insta killing then im sure the devs will kick in and take action. I was told previously that since it only benefits them that the devs cant do much or wont do much but eh… still sucks.

you should still play though, Minus the crashes or bugs that happen, it’s still a really enjoyable game. There is a few hot fixes a player can do to fix a game after a crash but it isnt too hard.

Like for instants if you crash, and come back and all your map icons are gone, simply leave to the menu and join back. For me it fixes it every time after i crash. simple hotfix and slightly annoying but besides those its enjoyable.

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@TherotcoD why does it cost you so many points for carry capacity skill?? I am on Xbox One and each carry capacity skill has only ever only costed me 1 point each so a total of 2 skill points to max out my carry capacity.

I think what he meant is to get up to the max carry you have to spend that many, Sure it’s only 2 but you have to unlock the previous skills to get up to it.

You need 4 points to unlock carry perk you have to buy 1 then 1 then both carry perks 1 n 1 which makes 4 , which is 4 levels worth , like i said carry perk should be on all 8 skill trees, Calibermag gets it , nice one

Yup it is in fact a hack. However they only ruin their own experience. Thread locked, question answered.