Is it realistic to kill a Reaper without experimental weapons?

Is it realistic to kill a Reaper without experimental weapons? Destroyed 8 Reapers. They all self-destructed. Only dress patterns and experimental clothing dropped out. The last three Reapers were destroyed by shooting them point-blank, having previously beating off a machine gun and a rocket launcher. I fired from ai76 5 * and n60 3 *, but it was useless. While firing, he releases gas, bang and that’s it. Sorry for the bad english.

platform - PS4

I don’t use exp weapons. Doesn’t even pick them up if I find one. So yes. You can kill a reaper Without them. I’ve done it with 5* weapons. It’s just a bigger challenge and that’s more fun in my opinion :slight_smile:

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Done with both hunting rifles and revolver.
Frankly, it can be destroyed even in melee, but do you want to spend that much time?

I think the OP means to ask if it’s possible to get the killing shot on a Reaper without exp. weapons. In other words, to avoid the Reaper’s self destruction.

That being said, this whole kill vs. self destruct discussion regarding the Reaper still annoys me to this day, which I’ve clearly stated earlier. It seems impossible for a single player to avoid the self destruction, unless you switch to Adventure perhaps? Taking down the Reaper in itself should be enough to earn full access to it’s loot pool. What a silly rule this is, if it’s actually the case. I have yet to see any official confirmation that self destruction affects the chance of loot.


So what? This is what we are talking about, he is destroyed himself. Motivation to kill him yourself!

Bigger challenge? Not really, it is still exactly the same difficulty, just more time consuming, tedious and boring.

Then ask clear questions: you asked “is it possible to kill it without experimental weapons?”, not “is it possible to kill it without self-destruct?”.

And yeah. It’s possible. Solo. In Guerilla.

Reaper: Check
Solo: Check
No self-destruct: Check
Can’t prove the difficulty.

@DeadWanderer Maybe I should have clarified, but in your video the Reaper didn’t initiate his self destruct sequence (unleashing red gas). If he does initiate the SD sequence, a single player has very little time, too little IMO, to destroy him before he blows himself up.

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As a challenge I kill it with random weapons now. It’s pretty easy with a good team.

  • Lead it to a safe house.

  • Take out the shield generators on the knees and shoulders while the shield is down.

  • Destroy they kneecaps.

  • Destroy the machine gun.

  • Destroy the tick pod or rocket pod.

  • Focus fire on torso with PVG90 when Red fuel/gas is emitted for self destruction protocol.

  • Loot it’s ragged corpse, do a little dance, and play some guitar in celebration.


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Yes, you are absolutely right. It is very difficult for a single player to kill a Reaper without self-destruct. Therefore, I asked in my first message - is it possible to kill the Reaper without an experimental weapon. There is an idea to apply tactics. I was collecting gas cylinders, I want to set a trap for him. When the Reaper has 10-12%, lure him into a trap and detonate 20-25 gas cylinders.
It is reported that if killed without self-destructing, then 2 experimental weapons will drop from him. This video demonstrates what was said - 2 weapons of their reaper
In my case, with self-destruction, only items and clothing schemes fell out of 8 Reapers. I don’t have enough weapon power to destroy it before self-destruction - ai76 5*, n60 3*, PVG90 4*.

The most weapons I’ve ever received from a reaper was five.

3 experimental

2 five crown

5,380 7.62x51mm

1,132 9mmx19 armor piercing.


Like I said before it is absolutely possible to out tactic him with solo play.

However, the fuel tank thing doesn’t work because he blows them up.

I switched between having a weapons with FMJ for destroying components, and another ther with AP for focusing on the face and destroying the internals last minute.

It is best to just get the components down to low levels like machine gun, rocket pod, tick pod, etc.

They when he is about to detonate focusing fire on that will destroy him first.

To be clearm I have failed this many many times lol

I’ve lost count of how many I’ve destroyed at this point.

If you would like to link up and take one on together.

Send me a message on xbox and we will go forth and do bad things to these muldunes!

I have killed 3 of these solo. First one dropped an Experimental Pvg 90 and ammo and the exo pants. Second one dropped just a bit of ammo, nothing special at all. Just killed my third one, second for today, and It dropped an Experimental Grg m/49 and a gold Red Dot 2x. Not sure how this stacks up against other peoples’ drops, but all three self destructed. The first one I have only 3* weapons to fight, Algstudsare, and Kpist. The second one was 3* Algstudsare, 5* AG4. This last one was 4* Algstudsare, and 5* AG4 until about 17%. Then I switched over to my 3* Grg m/49 and was hitting it all over and after about 30 shots all over, it still self destruct. I was able to take out the shields, the autocannon, rockets, tank, both face units, eye unit, right knee, and both shoulder joints, was working on left knee and it still did not go down without self destruct. The self destruct seems stupid to me. I am killing Tanks and Harvs with my 3* Moller PP, easy if you use tactics.

Use the electromagnetic pulse of various objects to turn off the robot for a while, for example, a car battery, and at that moment shoot everything you can:)

He did ask clear enough and no, that vid does not prove anything and that was 100% the easiest difficulty.