Is the All Scope still available?


Can anyone confirm if they have picked up an All Scope ( as in the one with all sights in it ) in the past 2 months on Xbox.

I would very much like another IR / OP sight


The Full Vision Module, yeah. I got one the other day from a FNIX Hunter, but it’s a rare find. It helps to have the Mechanic perks.


I play on PC, but lately I remember to find 1, maybe 2 dual vision modules.

Triple? Can’t remember how long ago was it (I don’t have the Mechanic skill).


Thanks for the confirmation,

I found the Holy Hand Grenade easier to get its madness.


Got one but a rare find indeed. Btw, does the ACOG come in different qualities? And does the Sjøkvist accept a scope?


The Red-Dot (previously incorrectly known as ACOG) come in the same qualities as all weapons and scopes; 1 to 5 crown. Sjöqvist does not accept any attachments other than the Barrel Choke, I think.


Bang on. Despite having a shotgun scope, and the semi auto shotgun, it will only attach to the 12G


The Sjöqvist (Sjögren Semi-Auto) was a swedish prototype from year 1905 that never got any farther than the early testing models we see ingame. Although it’s mechanisms were revolutionary for it’s time and later adapted by modern shotguns, I don’t think the designers gave much thought to add mounts for sights :smile:

But I’m willing to throw that out the window, this gun needs a Red-Dot and Shotgun Scope attachment! :slight_smile:


I didn’t find a all scope in the last sessions too. Well not that I want it. For me the night vision mode is quite useless and so I only use the infrared / X-ray scope.


The IR / Object Penetrating one?


Yes thats the scope attachment I mean.


I got one full vision module yesterday. That’s my second one after several months of game play with all missions done. It was dropped by a seeker. I almost always check for loot on destroyed seekers, but for a long time they haven’t dropped anything useful, just the occational fuel cell. So recently I considered not to bother. But then … voilà.


Congrats! :smile:


Ive never seemed to find a red dot sight that was in a better condition then good


I’ve got one exceptional and one good, but no 5* special. Please let me know if (and where) you find one :wink:


Wait, does the holy hand grenade work now?