Is the bike light an issue or not?


I’ve had a thorn in my side about the light on the Cykel for a while.

I am of the opinion it doesn’t work properly, as when you turn it off is disappears almost instantly. Also, if it were on a gyro system - it would’ve constantly on - but it still foes off moments after turning it off.

Is this how it’s meant to be or is it a bug. Video for reference below

59:00 - > 1:00:00

Can you turn the light on on the bike? I thought the light came from the flash light.

I also thought the light came from the players flashlight and not from the bike.
In fact, when i press the flashlight button, the light comes from the “Human” not from the bike.
So i don´t know what you mean.

Ah, well that kind of explains it. I thought there was a light.

Clearly overthought the situation. Thanks all

You can also move the camera around while you are peddling .(doing a 360 º)
Just try not to hit any objects :sweat_smile: