Is there a 'ghillie suit' in GZ?

Is there a full ghillie suit in the game?

I have the hat (which was part of the DLC) but I’ve yet to find, or even see anyone wearing any other part of it (if there is one).

For which hat are you talking about ?

Maybe, there’ll be a Christmas vanity pack that includes one?


American Santa Claus .


Seasonal camouflage, I like it! :smiley:


This one.

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The helmet looks like it’s from a vanity pack. If you didn’t get the rest of the suit with it, I think your answer is ‘no’.
I enjoy collecting the cosmetics, and I’ve seen nothing like a ghillie suit anywhere. Not even a green mohair jumper.

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Me neither. It’s not from a vanity pack though. I do have some vanity pack stuff, but that’s all there under profile available immediately.

I looted this helmet from a body on Himfjall in the Alpine Unrest DLC. I was just wondering if anyone has seen any more “ghillie” marked stuff.

Noone I regularly play with has had the hat (or anything else) so I thought I’d asked on here.

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i play the game alot and i can vouch for this claim

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also i think ive seen you in game

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I also have the ghillie hat, no other parts found until now.

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The ghillie hat is part of the Resistance clothing items that came with the Alpine Uprising DLC. Like the other Resistance headgear it’s a hockey helmet but with shrubs on it. No idea if there’s a ghillie suit, but I’m gonna assume that there is since you get different variations for all the other Resistance clothes.

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I have the same blue helmet without the leaves, and a yellow one with the leaves on top. But havent seen jackets or anything that goes with that

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