Is there a mission to Torsberga Fort?


I have been all through the fort but one locked door from the main open area cannot be opened and there is a second door underground that has no marker at all, as though its a false door. Have I missed a mission or are these bugs?


Not quite sure how to read that, does that mean you’re currently doing spiking the guns, or that you’ve missed its existence?


There are a few places at Torsberga where there are doors locked off, or part of the scenery, that I can recall. There’s the tank garage with bullet holes on the outside, I think that’s just for show. Then there’s a couple red doors that are unusable I think, on the lower levels…

Can you provide some screenshots?


I haven’t found the Spiking the Guns mission no, I suspect I should back off and go find it!

This door (the red far one, very brightly lit) on the lower level below the spiral staircase does not display any “locked/pick lock/hold E to open” legend, as though it has no function. The other locked one is off the main open courtyard on the same side that the entrances up the stairs to the old gun emplacements are - I didn’t take a screenshot of that one.


If you are looking for the pick up point for The Fallen mission it’s located in a military barrack down by the sea, near the safehouse.


I have got The Fallen mission started. I have not seen the Spiking the Guns one. It sounds like that one follows on from The Fallen so I’ll pursue that avenue. Thanks!


Just a hint for Spiking the guns: Minken bunker


Thank you very much Balla_Jazzuz!


I think if you can’t interact with the door it’s just for scenery. Otherwise it’s mission related as @Balla_Jazzuz said :slight_smile:


It is sometimes confusing with locked doors. I quickly figured out, that the shops were out of bounds, and later the “camping” cabins and windmills as well. But the door in the bunker on @Saddletank"s picture, a few white containers, the locked garage with bullets holes (and an intriguing PC inside at the far end wall) - just to mention a few (and not even mentioning FOA2) wets my appetite for things to come …


Thank you everyone for all the advice. Still a noob here but learning fast. I’ve now managed to open the door that was locked, but not the blank one. I think the issues are just to do with exploring randomly versus doing the missions. I think this game, although superb, does have some clashes between its open world and its scripted story. I am okay to just shrug and press on now that I’m discovering the little glitchy things and make sure they don’t bother me. I am still having a total blast with the game - cleared out Minken Bunker tonight as well as did a long rage recon out in the woods and fields to try and improve my kills to deaths ratio. Lots of fun.


Just to be safe, when you get the spiking the guns mission, and go into the bunker, do not leave the game without completing the main mission in there, or you may be locked out of the bunker forever, due to a bug.


Drat, I got the Spiking the Guns mission and a few minutes later got a CTD :frowning:


An old thread but just to advise that I did the spiking the guns mission quite a number of play sessions later and all was okay, so if there was a bug affecting it before, the devs have fixed it now.

And yes, there are still quite a few places with locked doors or un-openable doors that suggest the devs intend to add more content in those locations. Which is encouraging.