Is There Any New News?


I have noticed that the forums have been very dull lately.


The calm before the storm :open_mouth:


The latest news was the reveal of the Hunter robot


It’s expected for the forum to be a little quiet right now with no actual gameplay happening from fans, in time we’ll be buzzing again! :wink:


Will there be another beta? :open_mouth:


No but i recently learned that there will be a live stream next Wednesday.


ohhh, I hope they will show a jam factory :wink:


I don’t think there will be many changes from a geographical or scenery standpoint to be honest with you :stuck_out_tongue:


Well the release date has been CONFIRMED and the pre order is out IM SO PUMPED


I’m pretty disappointed tbh. Where are the infos? What has changed since the beta? What will this game offer?


Did you not see what i said CONFURMED REALESE DATE lots have changed seince beta.


Yes, that’s why I am here. A release date doesn’t tell me a thing about what has changed since the beta.


Well they released some new machines and im sure that they’ve worked out some bugs and just worked on the game in general


Lots of bug fixes and added items I would presume, tune in to their livestream on Wednesday and I’m sure a lot will be explained! @Telefonkarte :slight_smile: