Is there any reason to destroy the FNIX Generator Things?

I was wondering if there was any reason to destroy those spires that rise out of the ground in FNIX structures. You can damage them and blow them up, but it seems to serve no purpose.

Are you supposed to use them as an explosive trap? Most of the generators don’t have any enemies nearby.

I know you have to blow some of them up in one of the FNIX Rising missions, but there’s a bunch more in the South Coast that aren’t used in any mission. So are they pointless?

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Yup, not sure if they will ever serve a purpose but who knows.

You can pretend that you are weakening the fnix occupation by destroying them


Well that’s a shame. Weird that something that looks so important is so useless.

It’d be cool if FNIX would react to their destruction by sending a team of machines to investigate. That’d give them a purpose and make it easier to build up Rivals.


Yes. Or there could be a bonus on region points for destroying them.

To be true it would be best if there would be some more.

Waves of machines if you get spottet by these red search lights, ability to disable these search lights if you destroy the generators AND a bonus on region level for faster rival spawn. At least.


No, not pointless. Firstly they make part of the Fnix world, and you can interact with them, that’s cool. If everything that is not usefull was left out of the game, it would be not a game at all.


So not pointless.
Just useless…

Do you really need a reason to shoot something that blows up?


apparently not. i never bothered to try and destroy em.

Then you haven’t done the F.R. DLC side-mission “Energy Independence” or did any of the “destroy FNIX generators” assignments. :wink:

The generators do splash damage when they blow up. Useful if you can gather a group of enemies around it, or a big one.