Is there any way of accessing the game files?

Hello! id like to know if it is possible to access the true game files, i dont mean save data or generation zero.exe. i mean like, access to all the games models and sound files etc. it would be greatly appreciated! thank you in advance!

No way to get helped here and no way that is officially supported. It’s against the EULA you accepted to play the game.

why would you want that tho

oh, i didnt know it was against the EULA. i wanted to get the models to do 3d renders of them but i guess thats not allowed then. thanks for the info!

i wanted to do 3d renders of the machines

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There’s a fan art high quality Seeker 3D model by Sebastián Espinoza. I’d like files to render in Maya and perhaps community effort will provide some fan art models in the future. Post link if you find something else.

that looks ace! ill try find some more models and ill post them in this post if i find any!

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