Is this a bug or not?

People keep on joining my game when I have the who can join set to invite only and I don’t invite people, yet people are able to join my game. Is there something else that I need to do or is this a bug? Below is a screen shot of someone who joined my game with it set to invite only.

You have to click the apply button after changing to invite only.
Unfortunately the apply button does not acknowledge when you click it. But it does work.
Had the same problem. people kept joining after selecting invite only if i did not hit apply.

Also, notice that it reverts back to anyone to join whenever you restart the game. At least for me it does.

Yes unfortunately the default is set to anybody. You have to manually change it every time you play.

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It a usability issue in that screen. Apply should both apply the settings and close the screen in my opinion. The current solution without any feedback aren’t user friendly

There is something pretty wacky about the whole interface of this game.

It seems unnecessarily clumsy and time consuming. Maybe it will improve.

I am pretty sure that I clicked apply. However a few days later I was playing and I made sure that I clicked applied at the start of my play session and the same person was able to join my game. I emailed the support team and let them know they said “I have passed your report to the QA and the development teams who will investigate and fix accordingly.”