Is This a Paintball Gun? (The DMR's)

As you can tell from the title I am disappointed by the performance output of the DMR’s in the game. I bought the US weapons pack 2 and the Soviet weapons pack recently (btw try them out, the rest of the weapons hold up well). I was incredibly excited to try the new weapons out, especially the DMR’s I loved their design. The Kotenok and S21 had some serious meat in their gunshot noises, I didn’t mind their silenced variants either. Both the Kotenok and S21 were incredibly spammy, and could be used similarly as a pistol. No problems here, but using it like a pistol came with some problems, with the S21 it was unusable due to how small the iron-sights were. The iron-sights were hard to aim with even at close ranges, where even pistols can do well. The size of the iron-sights+spamming was also not a good combo, which led to basically me being a stormtrooper. I didn’t have any problems with the iron-sights of the Kotenok, it felt reasonably sized, but spamming it led to stormtrooper aim. I wouldn.t be complaining about the iron-sights or recoil if the damage was good. The main problem with DMR’s if you are a run & gun player like me it feels very underpowered. I feel like it costs more munitions to use a DMR than gain more resources at the end of a battle. It takes too long to kill a simple hunter, where most pistols (if used right) can kill quicker than a DMR with much less hassle. These issues nee to be addressed if the DMR’s are going to be a significant playstyle in the game.

Also as side note, please let us equip lower range scopes, I feel these guns need to be used at lower ranges due to their playstyle and spammy behavior.

Dev’s please buff the DMR’s!

To summarize:

  • The DMR’s do not deal enough damage (for run & gun players)

  • Possible recoil change (less jumpy)

  • The S21 needs an iron sight change (the iron sights are too small)

  • Love their body and sound design for the DMR’s


You had been warned by mine and many other users reviews about those 2 weapons.

They need to have less recoil and to inflict more damage, those are the main issues.

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The problem is that the S21 and Kotenok have been placed in the wrong category. They are in the same class as the AG4 and AI-76, and as you know, you’ll find almost limitless ammo for this category. This means it’s a question of game balance, and they can’t give them too much damage. Anyway, whatever…

The so-called DMR’s should never have been placed in this category in the first place. They should have been in the sniper/hunting rifles category, and they should have made a new type of 7,62 ammo for them, more powerful and much harder to find. Damage should be at least the same as the .243, but a bit lower than the .270. There’s already two separate types of 9 mm ammo, so why not do the same with 7,62?


I agree @NJR87,

but we all should keep in mind that most weapons are made to kill humen or animals. There is almost always just one hit needed.
The differences are in handling, the effective range, precision and speed.

The machines cannot been seen as the primary scope of application for all these weapons, so we cannot expect for them to be as deadly as they are in real life.

Just because a dmr is your favorite weapon in other shooters it hasn’t to be a good choice in generation zero. They are weeker than sniper- or hunting rifles and slower than automatic rifles.

They are just there. Like the pistoles are. They are almost useless against greater or many enemies because it takes too long to destroy them. But they do damage. Again: don’t expect every weapon to be a killer.

And as there is no stone-paper-scissors-system in generation zero there are weapons that are just effectice and weapons that aren’t.

If there would be a more balanced progression in which weapon you get when in the story (and its ammo), there could be more use for dmr. But also keep in mind that the kotenok and s21 don’t belong to the story part of the main game. They are just thrown-in dlc goodies and therefore will not fill any gap in the players progression in fighting through the story.

They are there. Use them if you like, or let it be.
In general these weapons will just help new players or the ones who started a new game, because there is a 3c version available right from the start and you can use the 7.62 you find early without spilling the (in the beginning rare) bullets in every direction.

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I agree with the rest of what you’re saying, but that would be way too much damage. That would make the hunting rifles obsolete. Well, more obsolete than they already are.

The DMRs should have damage somewhere in between the AG-4 and Meusser in my eyes.

Yes, you are correct. These metal machines are far more durable than regular humans.

But I don’t understand why this should only apply to the DMRs. By the same logic, shotguns, pistols, SMGs, and 5.56 rifles should all do next to no damage to the machines.

I don’t think that’s a very good excuse to have underpowered useless weapons in the game. Why should there be ineffective weapons? Having more viable weapons and options seems like a net positive.

We need more close range optics in general. Plus this games shortcut of just saying a round is 7.62 is kinda wack. 7.62x39 is an AR round used in ak-47’s(al-76) and such. 7.62x51 is a much more high powered rounds used in the setme(ag4) and s21(m14). Then we have the kotenek(dragunov) whose real life counterpart uses 7.62x54mm, which is a totally different round all together. Regardless the ballistics in the game don’t match the guns in the slightest, but few games actually do match them with they’re irl cpunterparts…which is honestly the most annoying thing in my mind. Any dev whose making a shooter game needs to spend atleast a week at a range shooting the actual guns they’re going to be putting in the game in order to correctly gauge recoil and power. And honestly, half the time they could just call up any given gun shop and ask the people there and they would get most of the info they needed.

I would go further, 50cal (12.7m) and beltmg’s should be most effective from crouched next wall/window/surface(bipoded) or proned. I also think this will add more variety, all weapons are the same now. Lmg’s are basically assault rifles with 200 rounds.

Technically, there are two other variations of 7.62mm ammo, but they are the Experimental versions, shock and tar. The experimental ammo schematics are earned through the character captured control points when you do the incursion at the truck from either medium or hard. You can also get a chance to get experimental schematics from the FNIX control points when you destroy them at stage 2 and stage 3 (max).

The shock ammo has a few synergies with both the Experimental AG 4 and the Experimental KVM 59. They get an extra bonus while using the 7.62mm shock and tar ammo. Personally, the shock ammo is the best to use for damage, and an aid in some situations where you have a choke point to funnel enemies into as you can shoot the door frames around the opening of the door, making electrical tethers that do a lot of damage too. The tar ammo used with the EXP AG4 has a chance to ignite the tar pools while the KVM 59 can bounce the electricity off hitting more targets. I don’t use that EXP KVM 59 for close range anything. Paired with the shock ammo, the electricity that bounces from target to target, if it hits you, you’re nearly dead. That’s if one of the robots you’re battling doesn’t finish you off first.

I don’t have that particular DLC, but when I use the shock ammo with anything else that isn’t an experimental it does decent damage, and you’ll use a little less ammo taking out hunters and rivals. Best set up I found with that 7.62mm shock ammo was an EXP AG4 switched to semi auto, then with the accessories use the extended barrel, extended mag, 4x8 scope and a thermal/NV module… it’s basically an experimental scout rifle then. Its been roughly the only way I could make a mid range rifle work for a close/mid range weapon. I can basically 1-2 shot small robots, 4-5 shot hunters, and doesn’t take a lot of ammo to take out a tier 4 rival using that setup either.