Is this game worth it

hey I’ve been looking at the forums for a few weeks and have been having a hard time choosing between this or day-z on PS4 I’m not sure yet but this game and community really interests me, I was hoping to get a few bits of feedback from the community.

  1. would you recommend this game
  2. is it good [does it draw you in and make you want to keep playing]
  3. ive written this really formal for some reason I’m not very formal at all tho in realty because I’m 15

I guess it depends on what you expect out of the game. I’ve bought it a few weeks ago and had a blast since then, but then I’m a sucker for difficult games (like FarCry 2) in which you need to ‘work’ for success, and I like to play solo/offline. I’ve never played Day Z, but buddies of mine did, and it seems to lack polish way more than Gen Zero. On the other hand, you do play against other humans in Day Z, which is another kind of challenge than fighting huge amounts of bots. Day Z also is far more involved with survival aspects - Gen Zero is more of a stealth game.


  1. Yep, it’s fun enough. Do take note that it’s very difficult thanks to the latest update.
  2. It is very atmospheric - the world is believable enough, although (like in Day Z) the settlements are kind of cookie-cutter-y.
  3. You do you :upside_down_face:

Hi there and welcome to the forums.

Im a noob at this game I played for free on the Steam Weekend, (PC Player), and I instantly fell in love with this game. I purchased it and the dlc before the free weekend even ended.

For me this game has the gameplay elements right for the type of game I love to play.

I love this type of game, im very into sneeky sniping and looting type games. But Generation Zero imop is amazing, I dont think I have ever had the adrenalin pumping they way this game does some times. You can start out in control but it soon all goes crazy and you can/will be running for your life.

When starting 2 dogs can seem like an impossible task, but now I long for just 2 dogs :wink:

Im not saying this game is perfect, there are some bugs and issues, the last update made some of the big robots almost impossable to kill especilly with low level weapons. So ive had to resourt to really almost cheating cheep kills. Shooting robots from within houses etc when the robot gets slightly stuck and you can find an angle where you can hit it but it cant shoot you.

That being said, im sure the fixes will come, and the game will only get better.


I HIGHLY recommend this game! It’s so much fun, and it seems a bit cheap for what you get. I think it’s definitely worth a buy. If you’re a person who likes to 100% a game, (find every collectible, weapon, location, mission, etc.) there is plenty to do. The map is super immersive and atmospheric. This is one of my favorite games that I’ve played.

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Comparing DayZ and GZ is like comparing the day and the night, the only similar thing about them is the empty landscape, having that said, unless you like to be constantly robbed and killed or to take advantage of people, i think you might prefer Generation Zero, it really draws you in, you start from nothing and keep improving , for the moment the game has a few bugs that make some areas of the game super difficult, but they are going to be fixed in 1-3 weeks, so go for it!
It´s one of the only games i own that i keep coming back , it´s something i usually don´t do, at least not during almost one year.

Not worth it at least for now

This game has been mostly on “one step forward and two steps back” kind of development since release

Worth keeping an eye on tho

/my opinion

150 hours, done everything, playing since release

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The game is amazing but also frustrating (at least to me). I had a marvellous time until I ran out of missions. So I expected more missions and more story. Instead focus shifted to other features that didn’t resonate well with me, but apparently went well with the majority. The DLC didn’t do much storywise for me, but was enjoyable to play. GZ is still a work in progress, and will probably be for years to come. So I have hope for the future. And playing GZ is annoyingly addictive.

My advice is a definitive “buy”. You’ll get a a lot of game for you money. But you’ll risk some disappointment too. Expect to walk on shaky ground as changes and adjustments are sometimes overdone. Cheers.


Folks who wouldn’t most likely don’t visit this forum. They just forgot about the game they didn’t like and move on never to be seen again


I love the game, but it can become frustrating. There are problems with the difficulty and sometimes your game session is mainly looting and then loose it all fighting with the overwhelming enemy. But at the same time the game is really beautiful and full of soul, shooting is great (except the sensitivity issues) and robots are awesome.

  1. No
  2. The mechanics used to be good, the devs change the mechanics…they do this a lot. To the point it turns into world of Warcraft but with robots.
  3. Too many bugs, and zero response when they are reported.

Until the problems are fixed, you should pass on the game


I agree, @SunCrusher. I felt that I had to reduce my Xbox review from five to three stars because of the April changes to game mechanics. Yesterday I fast travelled to Hjalmars Stuga in pursuit of a Rival. I fought for 90 minutes destroying a harvester, three tanks, a few runners, 25 seekers and approximately 100 hunters. The ground around the hut was literally covered by hunters, and I couldn’t even see the attacking runners as they drowned in the carcasses of the hunters (I have pictures!). Needless to say I died a lot. This was silly to an extend that turned GZ into a lower end Zombie B-movie.

But I’m sure it will be fixed and my five stars rating will most likely be back. It is a great game.


My opinion/

Just to make it simple

Game has no depth in anything
Game was a tactical shooter now it’s a horde shooter
Game has one of the worst inventory systems I ever seen
Game does not seem to have a clear direction, it feels like devs are brainstorming every month
Game has a lot of bugs
Game moves slowly in every direction, so it really moves nowhere and just creates more complications

/end of my opinion


Game was a tactical shooter now it’s a horde shooter

Exactly, well put! Game starts as a tactical shooter (even after april update) and ends up as
a robot horde shooter. Just had a short game session, ended in a barn and killed at least 20 robots (8 hunters…) and they just kept on coming, 3 hunters shooting and ticks everywhere. That was not fun anymore, had to quit and hopefully devs can make the game fun again.


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