Is this normal or a Bug

Hi there, greetings from Germany, Yeah i am New.

So, i have my First question, we play alone and as a Team an both, in Single as on Multiplayer have the issue that we cant find or activate on “Lennart Marin Ab” the Safehouse.

In Map it says, unspotted Safehouse.

Wie found the Station for the Bike, we found our Box, we found the Person on the Ground but, it still ist activate as Safehouse.

Is this a Bug or some Thing known, i dont find any info.

Do you own the alpine unrest dlc?
The safehouse is part of the dlc as far as I remember.

So both is correct. It shouldn’t be shown if you don’t own the dlc, but if you don’t own it, it’s correct that you can’t find it.

@SR_Carni: depending on his answer this should be fixed.

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Ok we. Dont own, ok, thats the Problem. Thank you

Since the issue has been solved, I’m closing this report.