Is throwing easy for you?


The main reason that I almost haven’t used flares and grenades in my gameplay is, that I find it quite hard to throw to my aim. Quite a few times I have thrown a grenade only to find it falling more or less in front of me. Bloody nose! It rarely ends up where I point anyway. Is there a trick to this?


It’s best to use grenades outside, where there’s little in the way. They’re great for taking out large groups of Runners and Hunters. You can cook the grenades, but I don’t recommend it. Better to just throw them and hope they blow stuff up! :boom:


Put the aimpoint a bit in front of the target(s), especially when the targets are moving towards you, when medium close. The further away the targets are the higher the aim.
There is also a throwing accuracy perk available, but how much it really helps I don’t know.


Yes, I tried that recently and that seems to help. But it seems to me, that the object you throw follows a rather high trajectory. Like the speed is too low to project a lower (and faster) path. First I thought that holding the trigger for a while would increase speed and lower the flight path (I’ve experienced that behaviour in another game) but it probably just cook it as @Xezr suggests.


Try sitting inside an open house doorway and throwing a sticky flare out through it. Or throw one from inside a container or truck.


My point exactly! I could even manage to do that IRL, but in GZ it usually ends up entangled in my hair. It would be so much fun if you could toss a grenade out the kitchen window while leaning your back against wall, and have it end up in the snout of the doggie just outside behaving as if it was a Pekaneeze on steroids.


There is a bug in that sticky flares will stick to the open doorway or open container doorway. A bug in the sticky flare code thinks the door is still there.


Approach the doorway, crouch (so it doesn’t hit the lintel and blow your brains out), put your white aiming point just outside the door on the ground and the higher trajectory takes the grenade about ten-fifteen yards away. Remember it doesn’t work like Half-Life, and the pin ejects as soon as you press the go button - so tap and release. Hide.

Likewise flares…


Thanks @Bootie. I’ll try that out.


When I was a kid, my father occasionally allowed me to play with his hand grenades (bless his soul). I specifically recall that the fuse was ignited by a spring-loaded piston that activated when you released your grip (i.e. when the grenade left your hand in the throw), not when you pulled the pin. I think the nick name for that type of grenade was “the pineapple”. Did Swedish hand grenades back then work differently?


Well, they all work the same way - you pull the pin, hold the handle down, which releases when you throw it. As the handle comes up it releases a spring-loaded pins which whips over and strikes the fuze, which burns down and bang. The pineapple was standard for a long time, but caused massive injuries to one bloke, while not hitting the chap next door at all, so in the 70s they changed it for a grenade surrounded by a coil of thick serrated wire, which they called the “bar of chocolate bomb” 'cos everyone got a bit. These ones look like a version of the pineapple, but they seem to do blast damage, rather than fragmentation damage… The bar of chocolate was universal in my day (I joined in 1976). What the Swedes had, I don’t know, but I’d guess the same as us.

A grenade that goes off doesn’t make a blast like these - it just vanishes and there’s a universal whining noise as the bits whizz past.


Well, that sounds … eh … charming. Thanks for the detailed explanation.


I was thinking the huge kaboom of the grenades in GZ is a bit much. Their blast radius seems a little big too but these may both be gameplay decisions.


My experience with grenades is to not use them cause they always seem to get stuck inside my character model. Thus sending my body flying away with the wind as I get filled with bullets lol.