Island not on map

theres an island east of the stenudden lighthouse that doesnt show up on the map at all anyone know what it is


That’s called the monster island. Presumably an island where devs test out stuff.

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anyone ever get over there with bombs or anything

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Not that I know off.

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Oh, I didn’t recognize it yet.
Seems to be really far away even from the east end of the island eastern of the lighthouse, which is shown on the map.

It’s worth a try, but I don’t think that it’s possible to get there as it even isn’t possible to get on the islands in the west or northern east (north of Himfjäll) with the described method. There you get a message that it’s part of dlc content you don’t own and get respawned at the next possible location.

Don’t be so sure… :wink:

If they did they are not allowed to say they did.

oof if they do is there anywhere they can say they did

in the future watch the main Map and see the Buildings and Terrain being change you will know if we are going to an update for it…

The community kina anticipated that we were going to get Hemifal (sorry for name butcher.) because the map was starting to showing buildings in the map, small outlines of roads. It takes time to develop each island… Map was designed this way so the dev can slowing come out w/ new updates for the Community.

I’ve been there, unfortunately, but the tales from that place are just too horrible to share…


:rofl: :+1:

Thx, this made my day!


Have you isolated yourself after you visited that place? You know, otherwise… those things… may already be among us :ghost:

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When i finally got of that godforsaken island i found a cave down Skåleberget where i hid out for quite some time, trying to forget what ive seen. It didnt help though and those memories still come back to haunt me to this day.


I hope it wasn’t wheel-shaped? :rofl:


This is too good :joy:
Love the live streams by the way!!!

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Here is a bird’s eye view:

Unfortunately some unknown force stopped me mid-flight :ghost:


is this still possible? trying with 8x16 scope might show a bit more