Isn't the sofa too close to the TV?

My father always want me not to sit too close to the TV, he says it’s bad for my eyes :thinking:

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My 50" tv is even closer to my sofa, I see no problem with it :slight_smile:

A modern TV is no problem. The older Crt (thick and heavy), ones on the other hand emitted some radiation. In the 70’s they started to coat the glass with lead in order to minimize leaks of radiation. So sitting to close to a vintage tv could maybe be a little harmful but probably not unless you do it 24/7.

And being the late 80s it most likely is a 32 inch or less. People today are spoiled with their 75 inch Oleds:)

I remember playing couch coop 4 player split screen on a 14 inch set once… Then you REALLY had to sit close