Issue: loot from bots lack variability


Non-randomly distributed loot

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Loot distribution is statistically flawed.
Background: I’ve spent 10 h on Himfjäll (and 4 h elsewhere before that) since the latest patch in hope of spawning tank rivals. No such luck so far. I’ve spawned 5 rivals this far, 4 hunters and 1 harvester, which seems very slow compared to pre-patch. Also, zero home base defense missions and zero base assault mission since entering Himfjäll.

Anyway, back to the loot: I’ve found 14 5-crown weapons: 7 COM-10 and 7 AT-WAD - no other types since last patch. I’ve spawned 10 5-crown attachments: 4 COM-10 mags, 4 COM-10 silencers and 2 N9 mags. The 4- and 3-crown attachments have very little variation as well, though I cannot remember exactly what I’ve gotten. Am I only extremely unlucky? But I’ve gained two levels, which is nice (am lvl 26 now at 306879 xp).


The DLC weapons have always dropped in vast quantities, far more often than base game stuff. I think that’s intentional though, otherwise they’d probably have done something about it after 3 Weapon Packs.

Since Base Assault, everyone’s found it very difficult getting Base Defenses or Assaults to trigger. And I’ve also had a lot of trouble getting Rivals to spawn. So it’s not just you.

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After the latest DLC weapons became available I went over a week without any of them dropping. After the base assault update they have dropped a bit more regularly so I don’t know but it still seems pretty random.

Thanks for the confirmation on skewed loot tables, lack of missions and lack of rivals. Guess I just have to grind some more…

You will only get base missions in forest region. It’s the only region with that feature. Not on Himlafjäll.

For now.
I could bet that there are plans to add this to the other regions, too. Just look at the Region - info-table in your map.
Why should they expand this info-table with the number of controlled bases, if there is just one region where this info could be used for?

Just for the dlc regions (for now just himfjäll) I don’t expect such changes.

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