Issue unlocking DLC schematic

So I have the tactical equipment pack, it’s installed, I can craft explosive toy lures, but the schematic shows a padlock and will not allow me to ‘unlock’ the schematic nor the ones after it.

Did you buy both tactical equipment packs?
The items in the selected column belong to the tactical equipment pack 2.

Those are 2 different Toys. The first one is the Explosive Toy Lure, as you stated yourself. The second is the Toy Car Lure, which is a car that distracts the machines unlike the explosive which distracts then blows them up. To get the latter, its part of the Tactical Equipment Pack 2.

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Ah sorry, dunno how I missed that! I’m on Playstation and I don’t see the 2nd tactical equipment pack under their DLC, is it not available on Playstation? The only DLC I haven’t gotten are FNIX rising, the base defence and base support packs, the weapon skins pack, nor the player skins.

Scratch that, I checked the PSN store directly and I see it there. It isn’t listed in the games’ DLC section where I got the others so I had missed it

@Zesiir I guess it may be closed.

Gotcha, closing report.