Issue with Himfjall challenges

Not 100% aure if this counts as a bug but it is a issues i ran into. I am trying to complete the world tour challenge which requires you to find ~30 names locations. when counting it up it saus i have 17 locations found but i actually have well over 30 discovered and theres not enough locations left undiscovered to even complete the challenge with

Could you add a screenshot of your unfiltered Himfjäl-map? And of the challenge?

Seeing something always is better than just guessing about it. :wink:

here it is

Sowmthing similar just happened. i have 100% of the vacation photo’s but it says im missing 1 still

Did you also play as guest in multiplayer and discovered some of the locations in another players world?

One possible way to fix it could be to start a new world with your existing character. Directly go to Himfjäl (by foot to Iboholmen church, then by motorbike to Lennarts Marin) and discover the places again. No need to fight, just driveby.

Yes, it takes time, but if it works…

as much as i want the drumset that juet seems to tedious to be worth it. and no i unlcoked all the locations in my own world

Is there a way to rebuild this data?
Can the devs fix it by a hotfix that counts the discovered locations again?

We only hotfix very serious crashes and other gamebreaking bugs, since hotfixing puts a lot of stress on our Dev Team. I’ll mark this for a future patch!