Issues PS4/Series S

i recently got a new monitor capable of 4k gaming and every game i ran runs at 720p or higher with the exception of Generation Zero

to me it looks like it’s in 480p and it’s extremely hard to see things a 5 to 10 meters Infront of you at times that should be noticeable

the audio stops working properly after a few hours of playing the game

example is you continuelly hear one of the bot’s noises dispite their being no bot there or even alive

the first base you come across of on rare occasion all the doors are locked to that bunker facility therefore preventing you from being able to turn on it’s power due to not being able to access it

then we have the annoying FNIX Black Op Bots with the .50 cal shoulder mounted laser sighted sniper

that thing apparently can go through any and I mean any cover you get behind

from a dead FNIX or Russian bot to a blast Door that a .50 cal shouldn’t be able to get through

and these bots are constantly ruining my day when I’m! playing on the adventure mode trying to enjoy the story in the main island and haven’t started the dlc yet and here they are the two russian robots which are equally annoying and the black ops FNIX bots out to ruin my day while I’m just trying to complete missions

back when I started playing the basic Hunters and tanks were my annoyance but now since these additions hit the base game area it’s extremely difficult for me to focus on the story because i have to focus on combat to survive just to get to the missions

and I choose to play on Adventure mode to avoid having to do that that’s what adventure mode says

if i wanted to focus on combat I would’ve been playing on Gurella mode