Issues S, SW of Stora Dyrbo

When driving from south to north to reclaim the safehouses in farmlands yesterday I came to a Location SW of Stora Dyrbo. (Red Arrow)

There I ran directly into a FNIX outpost like the ones from the procedual missions, with 4 or 5 turrets and a chamber with a button inside. Besides the doors button and the turrets nothing else was useable. It was guarded by some runners and hunters. The location isn’t shown on the map.

I went on, unlocked the safehouse at Stora Dyrbo and then wanted to drive with my motorbike the road southwards to make a screenshot of this base, but the game crashed.
I tried it two more times, but the game crashed again at the same location. (Blue Arrow)

There may be an error in the game files (on Steam), I’ve had it before on a plateau on Himfjäll, where it crashed constantly.

Maybe, but I’m on PS :wink: