Issues with Assignments and completion of them

Is it just my installation or are the assignments completion logic faulty?

Take yesterdays requirements… 10 Prototype Machines & 2 tanks and for the 7 days… 15 Hunters.
Despite popping at least 20 hunters in multiple encounters and in multiple separate sessions it reads that I have downed 3 Hunters.
I downed at least 3 tanks, none registered and as for prototype machines, a lot more than the 3 registered.

In recent days, to upgrade an item, I have had to upgrade multiples.
Same for recycling items, build base structures etc…

I know the crafting was an issue early on, and it got better with all working, but recently they all have gone to pot…

Do I need to completely reinstall?


Hmm… I noticed that, too some days ago and posted it here but I guess nobody didn’t really take notice…

Btw Imho I doubt that it would help to reinstall the game but maybe that depends on the platform you’re on.

Well, that was 9 days ago and it’s still a thing. E.g. yesterdays assignements were a really good example and measurement.

  • Kill 10 Military class machines
  • Kill 10 Hunters
  • Kill 15 Hunters (the weekly assignement)

I accepted them all at the same time yesterday and… well… still the same.
I wrecked a good dozen Military Runners and about 20 Mil Hunters. Plus a bunch of FNIX Hunters and even a Proto Hunter.

So at one point the first assignement finished (must have been after 20-25 Military machines)
The second one finished after about the same amount (20-25 Hunters of different classes)
And the 3rd one is still running, even though I killed more than enough Hunters…

I looked after the assignements after each fight and noticed that they didn’t count equally.

E.g. In the first fight I wrecked 1 Mil Seeker plus 6 Mil Hunters and the counters showed 3 / 1 / 0


Annoying and frustrating