Issues with collectible clothing items


Not sure where to post this, so please add to existing topic if possible:

Platform: PC, Steam

Cap forward, red/black is identical to Cap forward, red/white
Knit cap, dark blue should probably be called blue/red
HipHop Jacket, black/yellow should be yellow/black in one case
HipHop Jacket, black/white should be white/black
Denim pants black appear twice with minor difference in color (maybe one is anthracite?)
Also, for lack of a better description, there’s a blinking ‘hole’ on the butt of my (female) char when wearing the punk skirt while riding a bike:

And, as my ‘collection’ has increased since - please offer a ‘sort A-Z’ option. Right now, there’s no logic to the lists, and the DLC I bought later is mixed with regular drops…


Found another thing in a similar vein - the mixtapes I collected do have mostly matching icons, corresponding to their 3D model, but some do differ. Seems the icons could be reassigned easily though.

See here: Tape icon red, tape model red (all good):

tape icon grey, tape model red (wrong):