Issues with Multiplayer (PC) May 2020

Hi, sorry for the length of this post. My way with words is to ramble and I’m trying to cut that down.

I’ve recently started playing this game, I’m really enjoying the game so far, but I have encountered a few bugs/features that I haven’t found a fix for yet on either here or the Steam fourms for this game.

The biggest bug I have encountered so far, is one of my IRL friends got the game based on my reccomendation; When I invite him it goes to waiting, connecting to host and then times him out. When he invites me I am able to login to his game, but unable to interact with anything in the game; and according to his screen/game I am in the floor and not visible to him.

We can both join into a random multiplayer game when we get lucky enough to join the same game; but even if we are standing next to each other the game says we are standing 3.2km apart so we are unable to interact with each other.

I love the game so far but not being able to play with my friends as I should be able to makes it very difficult to promote the game to other friends to get them to play as well. This game does get kind of boring playing by yourself hour after hour after hour with no interactable NPC’s; being able to properly play with my friends would make the gameplay and story a lot more enjoyable and even replayable.

If anyone has any suggestions or fixes for the not being able to join properly with friends would be really helpful and many thanks as I really do enjoy this game.

The main feature I would love to see added would be, to be able to have the multiple different save files available in the game right now, not share quest progres and each with their own inventory. That way each character could start the story fresh so you could have a character for solo play, and different characters for different co-op goupings. The non-shared inventory would be nice so if you had beaten the game or gotten a few really powerful items (even a stockpile of a certain time of ammo or healing items) then there is no pressure to use over powered items early in the game and you go through again with only the items that you find.

If you want to go through the game a second time with your ending items then a new game + mode could be the answer.

Overal I do think this is one of the best survival games I have played I am a huge fan of it being survival but not zombie related, there is just that big bug and some minor small bugs that I have experienced that detract from the gaming experience.


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Hey, welcome to the forums.

Sorry to hear you guys are having issues with connecting to multiplayer. I strongly recommend
using this template for making bug reports so we have all the details, and to keep any Feedback you have in a separate topic over in #feedback-feature-requests.

Ok thank you, I will fix it so it follows the correct method. Sorry for not using the template before.