Issues with "Of machines and men"

So I left the Airbase to almost the end (just Behind the Curtain to complete) and I managed to complete the mission with only 2 (really stupid) deaths because I skulked around and found one of the alternate bunker entrances.

Anyway I got the trigger for Of Machines and Men and returned to the convoy but was unable to complete the mission after checking it seems that I should find a document, which is not in the container with the robot ‘body’

I restarted the game and tried again and the same thing, followed by reloading the XBox and trying again and still no paperwork.

I think it may be because I have already visited the convoy previously, but I don’t remember picking up any objects.

Anybody else have this issue ?

Yep same here on xbox found convoy earlier on got the mission went back and cannot find anything there or complete quest

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Did the whole, wait for 6 hours and then restart the mission and stuff but still no joy.

Everything else respawns including the radio, but the required document doesn’t appear.

Same story for Safe Harbour, the information regarding the driver is absent (hence the Mission note on screen.)

this mission include two items, a record, and a photo-kind of thing which shows this robot appearance after click it in the mission menu. I interact with this robot and finished this mission, and I think its logical that the mission asks me to find out what did the convey transported…

I’m in that cargo trug right now, and all I did was click on the ‘dead’ runner in the truck, and finished that part of the mission.