Item box cap limit removed

Loveing the new inventory update ive come across a significant issue and here is why i tbink the weight cap should be removed from the itme box once its full and charecters are full cant deposit items and being overweight you cant run or fast travel and litterally just throwing stuff away that you could actully use later


I know from experience - that usually won’t happen and you’ll end up throwing it anyway :laughing:

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GZ isn’t hoarding game where you need to keep all the stuff you find.

Back in the early days, there was no Plundra and Recycling Station whatsoever. Also, inventory was limited to max 50 slots (now it’s 100 slots) and did the small inventory stopped players from playing? No, it did not.


Hey there @Aesyle I agree with you there will have to be a increase with the Plundra™️.
As you can see in the attachments below I seem to have a very big issue with weight caps.

•The only work around for now is to create a alt account and use a middle man to transfer stuff from one account to another.

Hopefully this gives you a slight reference to the amount of items you can horde.

Hmmm, why on earth do you need those amounts of ammo anyway? I can understand stashing a bit on the side, but it’s pretty easy to go to a bunker or military station and fill your stash when it’s getting empty.
How long do you think it will take for you to use over 4000 rounds of 9mm ammo, without you picking some up in the game anyway???

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Not a clue mate if you need some I’ll drop by and give you from 500 rounds to 1000 if needed

The BMG is my baby tho

That’s my point - why don’t you cut the stash down to some reasonable amount?
I have like 2000 rounds of AG and SMG ammo and max 200-300 rounds of pistol and Rifle ammo. I’ll never use anything more, else I’ll go pick some up.

•Can’t find anyone that even needs ammo half of the time
•It takes a very long time to scroll down to half a stack of 4K ammo

But at least I have enough Ammo to survive the apocalypse.

You, your children, and your grandchildren :joy:


that’s kind of the point, you have the weight limit so you can’t just lug 100 guns into your item box, you need to weigh up what to use and what to throw away. Resource management is a part of what makes generation zero, Generation zero.

I’ve actually improved my horde to become even more cancerous
•We are now at over 1800+ ammo
•Over 10,000 7.62mm
•1,000 slug ammo
• 54 HEDP rounds
• 603 Birdshot
• 6 Chaff
•5,600 9mm [Handgun]
•2,000 9mm [Smg]
With another 6,000 different bullets in my inventory making 58lbs in weight

A bit of advice, Slug rounds are almost useless :wink:

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Hopefully they patch the glitch where slugs explode the moment they leave the barrel.
But cheers for the already acknowledged heads up. So you gain one heart

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