Item Category View Index Misaligned when looting Storage Box

I couldn’t find a previous post with this issue so:

On PC: When viewing the Storage Box inventory (and when looting containers),
switching item category and then switching between the player’s inventory and the container you’re looting will misalign which item category view is currently selected for the other inventory pane.

For example: On a freshly loaded game, open Storage Box, change to the next category a few times (with either keyboard or gamepad), switch over to the storage inventory and change to next category once. You should notice the category now switched to the second category (from the left), instead of continuing directly to the right of whatever category you switched to when before switching over to the storage inventory pane.

Why does this happen?
The “currently selected category” index are separate for player inventory and looted container and also not synchronized.

Solution: Either remove the arbitrary additional index/indices or make sure they are synchronized every time the player switches the currently viewed item category.

This should be very easily fixed and would most probably ease quite a bit of frustration with many players.

Thank you!