Item Suggestion: Chemlights

So, here’s a thought for a useful and appropriate item- Chemlights (or Cyalumes/Glowsticks depending on where you’re from). Ideally stackable up to 10-20 pieces and thrown like flares, they could provide a minor lure effect (within a few metres at most) as well as providing dim/limited-throw illumination for a long period of time (say, the equivalent of about six hours/half a night). Aside from being used to convince Ticks out of hiding in bunkers, they could be used as a breadcrumb trail or for marking areas the player has already cleared. Persistence over an exit/relaunch would also be a plus.

Personally I’ve got turned around in a couple of bunker complexes and the ability to track where I’ve been, particularly in cases where I’ve spawned back into a bunker safehouse and need to get re-oriented, would be really helpful.


Hey, @UnionJackal. Welcome to the forum!

In one particularly complicated bunker I started dropping backpacks for this very reason. But this sounds brilliant! Now if I could only figure out how to free up a slot in order to carry them. :stuck_out_tongue: