Items disappear while transferring to storage

My experimental Pvg 90 and all attachments dissapeared when transfered to storage.

I have also lost attachments from other weapons and ammo while transfering.

Do you use any filtering options in your inventory?

When i leave weapon in my stash and log back in the attachments get ripped off but there in my stash its been happening to only primary weapons

Im on Xbox Series X

No, I don’t use any filter and I’ve looked through my filters and they are still gone.

No idea…
I never lost any weapon or item. Just safehouses.
And you’re sure that you didn’t recycle them accidently?

Or did use the “Store all in category button”? It seems to be cursed for some players.

Same problem, I had an experimental shotgun and I stored it got off the game came back on later and it was not there!

Happens to me when I press R in storage, random things disappear my five-core weapon disappeared with full equipment.

As far as I know that’s the key for “Store all in category”.

If yes… Simply don’t use it. Regarding your Missing gun… Idk, either it’s gone or hidden behind some filters or you didn’t look in the correct category. Hard to say without seeing it.