Ive lost everything (save couldnt sync issue)

i need some help here. I play on my pc and i use the xbox app. i havent had these kinda problems before with other games. so what happened is that when i go on gz, sometimes i get this gray notification about if i want to play on the saves on my cloud or the saves on only this pc.

I did usually click this pc because it said that it was a newer save. yesterday i tried my cloud save, which was older than my pc save. i tried getting the sync pop up again by restarting the game and my pc. didnt get the pop up. i tried for an hour until i deleted gz. when it was done i saw the pop up and misclicked on a button that said “cancell sync” or something like that. it said that ive cancelled it and i entered gz and i didnt have my charachter or anything.

i needed to restart everything. I didnt want to do that, because i changed from ps4 to pc and did everything on ps4 too, so i didnt wanna restart for the 3 time. i also had almost every dlc on my ps4 and this pc. i had done every story mission from dlc too on ps4 and this pc. on this pc i had like 70 experimental weapons, 80 gold and was level 54. please help me. if any of you need more information add me on xbox. “ASKBABA09”

I did not understand the PS4 part, taking in consideration you have an xbox and play on the PC.
Let this serve you as a reminder that the best way to save your save games (all games) is to copy everything to a Usb Flash drive or even an external hard drive, we cant count with the cloud, it fails a lot with games that easily corrupt save games (like GZ, Chernobylite, fallout games, skyrim).

I think he has played and competed the game ion Ps4 before but now switched to playing on PC.

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What i meant with the ps4 part is That i did the story on my ps4 and on my pc(which i play on now) andre i didnt wanna do the whole campaign with dlc for the 3rd time. I dont have an xbox but i have the xbox app from microsoft store, which i use to download games.

I dont use a usb drive either, but is There any other way to get my progress back?

Yes, i did the whole story and the dlc campaign on my ps4 and did everything again on my pc(which i use now).

You better start using an USB drive now…is it the first time this happened to you in any game?
You can only search your pc for other saves but i doubt you have any other there and i suggest you turn off automatic saving to the cloud, do it manually as a backup.

Yeah its the first time this has happened. Does all of this mean that ive lost all my progress?

If you cant find another save in the cloud or in the Steam app save games folder…Yup pretty much…my condolences, we all have been there, use an USB or external hard drive for extra backup from now on, i have more than 100 games saved that way to prevent that situation.