Jägarstugan - safehouse disappeared / bug

Hi guys,

Left some gear at this safehouse and wanted to return - after some time (fast travel).
Now I found myself in a field in the forest and no safehouse.
The only thing I saw was a storagebox in the air…

O dear, was this after the Hotfix Update today? Or before?

Did you make copies of your safe game, so you can restore?

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I really don’t know, it’s some time ago I left some stuff over there.

Yes, regularly backups, but game progress makes it difficult to find when and why.

And now the same situation at Österhällan:

O my, that is not good. Are you in solo or Coop? I number the save game copies, and the highest number is the latest. Restoring the lastest should fix it again. But what triggered it?

It is interesting to see what the view is when the entire location is not there. Osterhallan in red letters. I have never seen this before, but I know @Madchaser has/had a vanishing-safehouses-problem.


I made the text of Österhällen - afraid of a serie of bugs and indeed:
(Suddenly I’m attacked by a load of big guys - fortunately had my companion safe in my backpack…)

GZ Anomalous signal_01

Just me, myself and I and backups on three locations :wink:

Apologies to the mod - it’s a bit complex now, I realize.

But I’m at the point of no return, in that way that this is a great game with stunning graphics, but I don’t have the illusion to do all missions, collectables etc.

The Mod is very understanding, nothing to worry about my friend. :coffee:
But because this is a bug/glitch it should be in support and bug reports.