Jumping back in - My thoughts

So, as I wrote in an earlier topic, I paused playing GZ for a while just to wait for some updates, mainly the inventory bothered me. But spending a bit of time here on the forum made me want to give it another go.

In the last two evenings I have been able to play for 5-6 hours. This is my first time since the may update. I resumed my lvl. 12 character on a farm west of the airfield and I just roamed around that area for a while, doing a few side missions, destroying relay beacons, looting and looking for new safe houses. One of my first things to notice was the lack of explosives to be found. It used to be you could find a ridiculous amount of propane tanks in every settlement, but now I haven’t seen a single one in over 5 hours. Radios are also harder to find. I found more hand grenades and HE rounds than I used to, and regular ammo is about the same, not sure if it’s more or less really. Medkits seem harder to find now.

My tactic for Hunter patrols used to be 1 radio, 1 propane tank, 1 bullet - Boom! - three less Hunters in Sweden. So I can’t find propane, and now I can’t test if the Hunters still die from it, or just shrug it off. Iv’e noticed people say that explosives don’t do damage anymore. One Hunter I found just stood there, frozen, so I shot him with the bazooka, and he died after 4 direct hits from the side. 4 shots! A harvester should fall after 4!

The second thing I noticed is that enemy numbers are more overwhelming now. I scouted around the entire airfield and was able to jump the fence on the NW corner, and search the western underground bunkers/hangars. All around me are all these so called FNIX machines (gray with red cables), which I haven’t encountered until now. I looted a bit and then buggered out of there. Now, after I visited the airfield it seems like most enemies I encounter are of this model, even in areas where there used to be those basic orange colored machines. So higher lvl. enemies in addition to higher numbers, equals death!

I went back down to the Minken bunker on the SW coast, which I had previously cleared out. I decided to head down the peninsula towards the “Spiking the guns” mission. I figured this was close to the starting area, and wouldn’t be too hard. I was wrong. I cleared out a farm with low lvl. Runners just in time before two FNIX Tanks and three FNIX Hunters had surrounded me. I ran before I could even begin looting! A safe house icon appeared on my compass, and as the last daylight faded I came to a church. I was just able to get in the door as a pack of 5 Runners appeared on the hill nearby. I went for the belltower to snipe them, but when I got up, a pack of Hunters had joined the fun as well. As I fought them from the tower, more and more machines arrived. I was able to pick them off one by one, but their explosives kept hitting me. When the shooting and the music stopped, 7 Hunters and 8 Runners lay scattered around the church, all were FNIX models. I had used 90% of my ammo, and probably 15 medkits. The XP gained was worth it, I hoped. I ran out to loot all the wrecks, expecting to find a good bit of 7,62 ammo from the high lvl. hunters, but did I? They were all carrying birdshot. BIRDSHOT! I have never even picked up a single one of those! 300 rounds of 7,62 used, just to get 40 birdshots in exchange. As I stood there in dismay, the two thundering Tanks from the farm had caught up with me. So I quit, and I won’t play again before the june update is here.

I have to mention that I only play solo.
So, my conclusion on the may update is the following:
Wait for update, again.
Clothing stats don’t show properly. (And none of the clothes I like have any stats! :sob:)
All kinds of ammo, medkits and adrenaline shots are too hard to find.
Explosives don’t work.
Sniper rifles are also too weak.
Confrontation rarely pays off, in terms of ammo used.
Enemies are too overwhelming, now even early in the game.
Tick: Smash!
Seeker: Nuisance. Still no loot?
Runner: Fun to fight, seems well balanced. Requires pistol use for ammo payoff though.
Hunter: Fight only from a building, and only if they are few. Takes a bit of ammo, good XP.
Harvester: Fairly easy, but waste of ammo.
Tank: Death! Definitely waste of ammo, and medkits. I agree that a Tank should be very hard to take down on your own, but make it worth it somehow.

I still love the game! Looking forward to the june update. :blush: :+1:


Propane tanks can be found in warehouses - in wooden crates.
Air tanks are usually dropped by harvesters.

That’s right, I remember that now. :wink:
Before the may update you could find them everywhere in toolboxes…

To get anything worthwhile from seekers you need to have the salvage skills

Depending on the Hunter type you can get slug and a lot of 7.62 ammo, once again I have the full salvage skill and can keep myself ticking over from hunter kills, which usually provide more loot than Harvesters which is really silly (unless the Harvesters are crap at their role)

You really need to go on looting missions to bunkers, different bunkers tend to be biased towards certain ammo and types

yes, seekers are hard to take down without damaging the components, the salvage skill helps fix this problem.

It used to be that the ones you find in warehouses were unaffected by explosions. That’s no longer the case, they explode when shot even before you pick them up. So watch out :boom:

now that we can only loot items found outside of boxes once, do you know if the machines blowing them up count against us being able to pick them up?