June Update and Accidental/Secret machine buff

The Hunters are now better than they were. It may be because the weapon damage has been normalized.

The Bikes are fun and the chain rattling in the guard brings back nostalgic feelings.

The performance is also much improved and I am not sure, but the machines look to have more detail.

As of this last patch, the most dangerous machine in the game is the tick. It has unlimited jumping range. Even if it falls short of you by 20 yards, it still registers an auto hit. They recover much faster now and it only takes 4 to 5 hits to take you from 100% to dead. Which if you are in a hallway and they phase through a wall or inside a corner is very easily accomplished.

I have seen them running in packs of 3 or more and that feels like an instant kill if they notice you. You have less than 1 second to react if there are 3 or more.

I dont know who buffed the ticks and made them this uber kill machines, but I would suggest scrapping the concept or changing them entirely.

No one in their right mind would just stand there and take a flying toaster to the face? We cant block them to mitigate damage. We cannot dodge them and we cannot melee them. In fact the ticks are almost always somewhere within a half a meter from your body at all times during the attack. All of the weapons we have are impractical against them now. In RL all you would accomplish when dealing with machine like that using the weapons we have is blowing off some toes or taking a flesh wound to the lower leg.


We need energy weapons! https://www.jula.se/catalog/tradgard/utemiljo/skadedjur-och-insekter/fallor/insektsracket-721295?gclid=CjwKCAjwr8zoBRA0EiwANmvpYDjdTlF7H-kRJiTUk80h4aDFeO6yb0y3MRv77Re-fY-Yu2jizcWx5RoC23oQAvD_BwE

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The stuff you said about ticks is untrue. I don’t know what has been happening on your end but it doesn’t seem to be happening anywhere else.

What like Fallout 4 style?! :sunglasses:

There are different kinds of Ticks, just like with the other Machines.

Regular Ticks:

Spawn in the world, like in Bunkers, Houses etc. They will chase you around forever, like the Duracell Rabbit. Very quick, but rarely encountered in larger groups. Usually they go down with a single pistol shot.

Deployed Ticks:

Regular Ticks; On a timer, that can be one-shotted with a pistol. Very quick. Spawned from Tanks.
Suicide Ticks; On a timer, that can be one-shotted with a pistol. They’re bigger, and cause a chain reaction when they die. They also do a suicide jump attack. Spawned from Harvesters.
Armored Ticks; On a timer, same as regular Ticks except with an armored shell. They take several shots to take down, even with a shotgun. Spawned from Hunters.

All Ticks can be fooled by flares, or destroyed with EMP’s. You just have to be quick.

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I agree fully. i was killed by a tick jumping downstairs.

Everyone else wants to make this game better and more balanced/bug free. Informing people of these issues helps bring light to the issue.

The damage has been modified intentional or otherwise for Ticks. Their range and accuracy during jumping animation and are unlimited. If you are close enough that they can jump, it doesnt matter if you dodge out of the way or not, you are hit. Thats both a problem thematically and game mechanically.

personally i hit the run button and jump left to avoid them , i can usually not get hit about %60 of the time , also there is a distance you have to be in i noticed before they will jump , they are like the facehuggers out of the aliens movies lol , before i forget to , some ticks ( mostly ones dropped by machines ) will self explode after time. hope any of this helps , cheers.