June Update Now Live!

Please post any bugs or performance issues you guys might have in the Bug Reports forum so the devs can see it quicker. Thanks :slight_smile:

What I donโ€™t like with the update is the ammo robots drop. I think they should only drop the same kind they use. But from one i got .270, 7,62 apc and full metal, 9mm pistol and 44 magnum. Total about 500 rounds.

As @Zesiir stated, any bug reports can be created as a new topic in the #bug-reports section! Same goes for any feedback/ideas in the #feedback-feature-requests section! We want to know your feedback about the update, and the bugs you experience! However if you post them as comments the team might not see them :frowning: We want to make sure they are seen so please post them in the appropriate area! :slight_smile:

Iโ€™ll be locking the thread due to a number of these items being added here incorrectly as comments. Thanks to everyone here for participating in the GZ community!