June Update Now Live!

Welcome to the community!


So happy to have transport will have to try it out when I get home


Guys, this is a great update and all. I just wanted to point out that if you’re going to be adding and/or changing important items like Grenade Launcher ammo with the patch, it needs to be included in the patch notes.


Please please hotfix toolboxes they are still empty this kills the experience

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it’s been reported and acknowledged.Empty toolboxes after June update they are looking into to it :+1:

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Bikes are such a welcome addition great to see them finally here :smiley:


Thank you developers for your hard work and continued support for this great game. Looking forward to jumping back in.

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Now that’s way better!

But harvesters drops are very, very poor. I usually get something like ~40rds of .270 + O2 tank + smoke grenade/shell.


I was SO looking forward to trying out the GZ update today, but the wife was angry for some reason I can’t comprehend, so no gaming for me! :weary:


I understand that. It happens to me regularly, namely during a rather long bunker mission I when I do not want to log out.

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Question. How do you get rid of the mission objective on the top left of the screen? Before the update it only stayed up there for a few seconds but now it’s permanent.

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i think it’s this option in the settings


Games looking better and better.

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In the settings menu

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Thanks for this up date, i was looking for to switch off the stealth indicator !

For me it stays on in the upper left corner even when I turn it off in settings. Ps4 Pro.
Same for my frien that I play Coop with. Ps4 Slim.



The bikes are great :slight_smile:

You can do wheelies? How did I miss this? :open_mouth:

Well some bugs still exist.

Side missions:
The Gun Club
On The road

They still shown on the map even as I have closed them.

Btw… Liked the bike… for about 10 min. But it didnt helped me much to find the last Mission in Hagaboda.