Just a collection of features I think would go well with the game

  • We have apparel but I would really love to see actual armor added to the game. The reason I say this is because spamming first aid kits is just sorta bad design in my opinion. It makes taking damage or dying (because of adrenaline shots) not a thing to really worry about. unless you’re running low on first aid kits which I don’t see how with as many as you can get. So having armor would allow us to absorb a bit of damage and if we have to heal we could take cover and use a first aid kit that would take a little while to use and not just be instant.

  • Definitely more experimental weapons like an EMP gun that could shoot a pulse out in a cone so you can put some distance between you and the bots.

  • More ammo types. Explosive ammo or incendiary ammo would be awesome against those armor plates.

  • Salvaging armor plates from the big guys to armor up the walls back at your base.

  • deployable turrets. I have this idea in my head of salvaging parts and then building a deployable turret that you can place down and then control remotely.

  • C4. If it’s already in the game then I just haven’t gotten to that point yet but C4 or some sort of remote detonated explosives is something I’m surprised isn’t already in the game. I love to set traps in games and C4 is perfect for that.

  • EMP mine. Because again I like setting traps lol.

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We kind of already have a EMP mines, the exp. klaucke have an EMP effect. We don’t need C4 when we have mines and explosives. You can use a radio or boom box to lure the enemies to the spot with explosives and shoot the explosives if they don’t self detonate.

In relation to the EXP weapons, i believe we already have more than enough and 2 of them already have an EMP effect. The EXP Klaucke 17 and EXP Sledgehammer.

For ammo types we already have Explosive ammo in terms of EXP ammo and obviously ordinary HEDP rockets and LG-7V HE rockets. We also have incendary ammo in terms of the EXP AG4.

For C4, i dont really see that coming into the game since we can already set up traps with Land mines and the Explosive Gas tanks which can deal a load of damage depending on the amount.

For deployable turrets tho, that could be useful for base defence but we already have the pillboxes there. If we were to get it for base defence i would like it to be manually controlled not remotely, if im understanding it correctly correct me if im wrong in what you meant for it.

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