Just a couple ideas

First of all, I like the game so far on ps4, even with its bugs and glitches. Secondly I’m not really good at articulating my ideas so I’m gonna rifle them off in bullet form… pun intended.
Also I realize much of this has probably been said, but consider my post a vote for those issues.

º Fix Collision Detection issues, including clipping thru walls, attacking thru walls/roofs, etc.
º Different options for the detection alert thingy, On, Front Only, Off.
º Fix line of site, and monsters tracking you through obstacles, (exception for sensors that see thru walls)
ºA hardcore survival mode, that introduces food, and fatigue. Starving doesn’t equal death, instead it increases fatigue, causes weapon sway, reduced movement speed, reduced healing item effectiveness. Could be a new game+ mode
º More machines (seems obvious), cloaked machines,
º Collapsible Turret, (for single player mode only, and you should have to provide it with ammo)
º No vehicles, we already have fast travel.
º Stash Boxes
º longer day night cycle, and better night vision the green is too bright I think… but may be because of light fixtures where I’m targeting (take a second look perhaps?)
º Crafting, if introduced should be limited to healing items, if you want to play fortnite, go play fortnite.