Just a few random GZ videos


I’ve begun doing some co-op and having a blast. This thread will be links to a few vids of fun moments. Starting off with a couple of short gun battles.


This engagement was huge fun, mangled wrecks everywhere, 30 machines down by the end of it, though I wasted ages tacking the Seeker That Would Not Die.

At 5:50 is one of GZ’s little buggy explosion glitches.


If there’s one thing this game knows how to pull off, it’s exciting, chaotic battles! :smile:


I have a few general zero Videos on my channel. Thats the link to the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6NFTh_kaQ5Z_tkSZ0kfKrA.

but i wanna point out a video. its this https://youtu.be/e-reC9t6tOI.
At 8:29 there is a small bug. lol

if u are german? maybe u like it


“Well that didn’t go as expected”. I shoot a relay beacon and they set the dogs on me.