Just an idea for Loots

How about if Devs introduce a difficulty level mode in the menu (ie. easy medium and hard) to choose from when we start the game so there is no comments on this is too much or this is too less. Example choose Easy mode will give you loots (loot re-spawning time disabled) , more adrenaline shots, more med packs, etc. Medium will give some loots, (loot re-spawning normal when you fast travel). Hard will give you some loot (loot re-spawning on timer) more damage done to players etc.


Yes please!!! Such a great idea for the more casual players.

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There are a number of flaws in that,
1; this game is designed, marketed and literally built from the ground up to be difficult, adding something to negate that defeats the purpose entirely.
2; inconsistency across multiplayer would cause issues, like xp balancing etc that would be cumbersome for the developers to deal with
3; it’s your fault to be aware of the product you’re buying, would you buy dark souls and ask for an easy mode? no. then why would you do that with this game.

not trying to be harsh at all as i’ve seen a lot of people ask for this, but it’s hard facts my dude.

On the other hand, it opens it up for more players who would buy the game if there was such an option for a difficulty level. Hard on the developers? Yep. Good for the game economically? Yep. More bugs? Well, the game can’t get any worse at this point as it can’t even be played on ps4 :slight_smile:

Well, since adrenaline shots were more frequent then small health packs in the beginning when they released the game, I find it hard to believe that they built this game from the ground up to be difficult. A bit challenging maybe, since you need to be tactical. But not difficult. A bug fest isn’t difficult. It’s annoying. And if a difficulty setting would solve these problems, I think they should do it

Devs hear the feedback on difficulty settings, but right now, I don’t think they will introduce that. If anything, they’re going to tweak the individual difficulties of the different regions (pack sizes, enemy AI, damage nerfs) but without changing the way difficulty itself is distributed over the game.

@Ulvslayer A difficulty setting would not fix these issues. And that was one of the first things to be balanced dude, so yes they designed it from the beginning to be difficult. if something goes wrong with the drop rate of one item out of dozens, that’s just par for the course of game development.

@boston_51 I think making things unnecessarily difficult for the developers is the opposite of what we should be doing right now… and i won’t argue that it would open up the player base, that much is obvious and would be good on a strictly financial level. But that’s a weak argument to what i stated so idk man, moneys good i guess but integrity is worth a hell of a lot more.

Then they failed more then I first suspected