Just an idea for Possible Christmas Event

I was thinking about this for a little bit I think it could be neat that around Christmas time the devs could put in an event similar to the Halloween event that would allow us to collect Christmas and Hanukkah related outfits or items. I feel like the devs probably already have thought of this but I just thought I should put this idea out there. :slight_smile:

Perhaps a set of moose antlers with ears like this?

No more cat pictures! Promise :wink:


No it’s fine! That’s really cute! :smiley:

Could be fun with a red-coloured Tank walking around that could drop Xmas clothes. Or a Hunter in a sled pulled by Runners… Though that may be taking it too far :smile:

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It would be cool if they put christmas present loot containers around the map with clothes and other items inside.

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