Just got my first *actually found* experimental 🔥🔥


Just got my hands on an AG4 Experimental after reaching level 25 and the first rival I kill (prototype lvl4 hunter) gives me this bad boy and I had quite some fun :fire::fire::fire:

Just got some footage from yesterday after too many hunters chased me up a hill after killing a fnix tank and then a harvester appeared and spawned way too many hunters and I was low on medkits


Way to beat the odds! :smiley: It seems that many people kills dozens or even hundreds of rivals before they get an Experimental!

I also lucked out, as I got my hands on the Exp Kpist, which is pretty awesome. Still only my first Experimental, but I haven’t killed all that many rivals yet… less than 100, for sure, I think?

Good gaming!


I got most of the experimentals pretty easily. Some of them I have gotten twice. The very first rival I killed (lvl. 2 Apoc Tank) gave me a exp. PVG 90! :sunglasses: Exp. Kpist is the only one I have never found, but got mine from a friendly player. :wink:


I remember when the Rivals and experimental weapons were introduced to the game I joined some random host, right after spawning I got a message on screen saying that a Rival was destroyed. I fasttravelled to a nearest safehouse, found it, and BAM - an experimental shotgun :fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:

Very first experimental weapon, and not even one shot fired :upside_down_face:


And people say experimental weapon RNG drop is bad. :roll_eyes: Go figure.

Though, great find for 1st 6* weapon. :+1: My 1st 6* weapon was also AG4 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: which i got from FNIX tank, in Mountains (now Farmlands) region, at Annagruvan (where Lone Wolf side mission ends).

Few screens too, if interested

FNIX tank - Giant C-647 - Level 4 - The Solider

Rival blew up

My 1st 6* weapon in hand

Appearance comparison screens:
Fully upgraded 5* AG4

Fully upgraded 6* AG4


RNG is so weird in this game. I hunted down 5* sjöqvist like 500+ hours. Now they are dropping like flies. I dont even know how my Exp. Kpist i have scrapped.

For me its Exp. KVM 59 which is haunting me. Got my 1st on next day when it came available. Didnt even know its existence. Wanted 2nd for my other char, no go. 100+ hours hunting.

Now keep hunting resistance fighter, we need you out there fighting these machines. O7


I got my first 5 exp. weapons quite easily including Shotgun and Klaucke twice. But then there is nothing. I stopped counting at about 20 rivals without any exp. weapon. Tough luck I gues.

Well this is RNG. For some it’s good and for some it ain’t. I would prefer a guaranteed drop every 10 rivals or so to stop having the feeling for those unlucky chaps that the drop is bad.


18 medkits is low for me :joy:


Congrats on the Experimental👍🏼. I didn’t get my first until the reaper was added. By then he dropped 2 at once being the Kpist and the Pvg90. I’ve been playing from release but I know experimentals got added later on, just saying I had some bad rng.


I think they are kinda low. I have all my experimental weapons, but that was only after trading, and around 80 hours of grinding… it could just be the RNG, but I feel like with the amount of players who have complained, the drops must not be that good. Just my opinion.


Pontus said in one stream that the percentage is higher then 10% if I remember correctly.

For the sake of the argument say it is at 15%. That means, getting no exp. weapon from 10 rivals in a row is at 19.69%, so almost every fifth player will have that happening. Getting no weapon from 20 rivals in a row is at 3.88%, so about every 25th player will have that happening.

If it’s at 10% exactly, the probability for 10 rivals not giving any exp. weapon is at 34.87% (more then every third players will have that experience) and for 20 rivals in a row it’s at 12.16% (almost every 8th player will have that happening).

As you see only a 5% change in chance has a drastic probability change for getting no exp. weapon from a lot of rivals in a row. This is why I propose of having a guaranteed drop every 10 rivals when the player had no drop for 9 rivals in a row. But then the devs would need to track that in the save file.