Just talk about anything


So I had nothing to say right now but I would like to just talk about this game like what do you like about it how you like playing or what your favorite weapon like for one I like the look of the game And the feeling I get from evading or taking down a bunch of machines the story is good and can be better and it was the gameplay and story that brought me in


11 hours later and no replies? Guess i’ll start :slight_smile:

I’m a GZ community moderator here in the forums and I love being a part of the team!

I love the anxiety the game gives me, and sometimes the little ticks scare the crap out of me when i’m not expecting them to jump at me after I open a door! I love games that make me feel emotion, it keeps it very interesting.

My favorite weapon is the .50 cal sniper. In any shooting game sniping is always my favorite! I wish the .50 cal sniper did more damage than it does right now. Currently it’s shots can still bounce off runners and in reality I feel like there should be a golf ball sized hole anywhere you hit a runner with a .50 bmg round :smiley:

Overall I love the gameplay avalanche brought to us in GZ and I’m super excited for the future updates that they will have for us!


Explosive’s placed and enemy robots lured is how i get the job done ’ and my trusty A1-76 assault rifle for the remaining alive robot’s . I have completed main story and side mission’s 3 x 100% on 3rd save , that mean’s that i must really like this game even with the buggy start , i have a collection of AAA game’s i won’t complete not even once , so this unique game keeps me coming back for more, 3 restarts later :+1: . We also had fun doing none story mission activity’s :rofl: like none glitching science experiment’s the community had a great time doing ’ heres a link :point_right: Unavailable Island's LOL come and take a look at fun stupidity science 101 have fun , :lab_coat::firecracker::boom: