Just too hard at the moment

Hi, just playing the free weekend, but just keep getting killed at Saltham, the first by a little robot in the shelter, going back again, all sorts of uber robots are now there. I am just finding this game just too hard, i understand that many player ilke challenges, etc, but other like myself have disabilities or who don’t have much time, and would like some difficulty option. The game is incredibly atmospheric, with superlative lighting, but if a player can’t progress that for that person, the game doesn’t work. I would also just like to enjoy the beautiful scenery at times


Try joining a multiplayer game to play with someone who has more experience.

Totally agree and said it a few times…

Hello @fRENETIK19 and welcome to the community!
The difficulty in generation zero is intentional, it requires a high skill level that most shooters do not require. Upon first getting into the game you’re bound to hit brick walls of difficulty, but the big thing that has kept so many players enjoying this game is overcoming that skill wall, it is intensely satisfying going from a point where the lowest level enemies kick your butt to taking down mammoth machines with ease.
Though i do feel your pain! i went through the same feelings a few times in generation zero, thinking “can i overcome this?” in my first week of playing, but after that i found myself striving for the challenge and setting up situations that would lead to deadly encounters, simply for the thrill of it.
This high skill requirement is a barrier to new players so i do fully understand that, but on the other hand there are fantastic sources of information to help you get ahead. Tips and tutorial videos on youtube, a great wiki, and then all across the forums here are plenty of players willing to give you advice and even jump into your game and assist you in your times of need. If you list the platform you are on there will be many people willing to jump in and help you out and show you the ropes :slight_smile:
Salthamn itself is the first point in the game where the going gets tough, but once you get in the groove it is extremely addicting (in a good way)

For starters, go back to the main bunker you went through and farm, farming is your best friend in this game and will give you the resources you require to survive, also i highly suggest grinding some runners (the dogs) and hunters (the mechs) to get some skill points so you can improve your bullet resistance, aim reload speed and movement speed in the early game.
If you need any more direct help feel free to ask, or check out my youtube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWDapqi5pXGwx8h9Xwh0CMA/playlists for those tutorials i had mentioned earlier.
Cheers and happy hunting!


Listen to this man. He is the one who convinced me to take the plunge.


This is a slow game, not a shooter. In the beginning you are scared all the time and just creeping along. Think how you would feel it you really encountered this. That is how the game makes you feel.

Go slow. Loot everything. Sneak everywhere. Only shoot if you have to, then slow aimed shots from cover. Run away from most fights. In the beginning you are too weak to fight. Embrace that.


It can be annoyingly difficult at first but if you stick with it you will get better weapons and figure out strategies to survive. unfortunately, the constant death spirals are not very fun and could make people not want to stick around to get to that. but there is no actual consequence to death besides having to go back to a safe house and sometimes even getting killed can be part of your strategy.

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I’d like to add two things that gave me a harder time. Besides that the deathhas no real consequences as kakarron said you can run away in this game. I’m a shooter player so runing away was never a real option for me. I always try to fight and kill the machine in front of me. But this game is not like other shooters. You avoid fights that are too hard at that time and get better equipment (like better weapons, more ammo, more forst aid kits) this improves your chances to win for the next time.
And my second tip is to make use of the additional items the wold offers you. I underestimated for example the flairs and fireworks a lot (and there was a bug what causes thst the bots did not see them at first) But now they are fixed and work very good. Also tactics with explosives (propan bottles or fuel cells) in combination with radios. And not just the items even the environment itself is helpful. Cars are bombs, you only have to shoot them and each house have a electrisity box, which is an emp bomb if you shoot it.
You dont have to think lik in other shooters, where you have to kill everything with your weapon :wink:
Nethertheless, I agree with you and a difficulty setting would help this game.


Yeah, @tene is the reason I got the game.


As a new player myself, I can totally understand how you feel about the game’s difficulty. Sometimes I can hit my stride and everything goes my way. And then other times it can be pure frustration with death after death.

Like many others have already mentioned this game is not like most shooters, I find that it’s more of a game of cat and mouse. Every enemy encounter is different and there are a lot of factors that can influence the outcome of that encounter.

I’ve learned very quickly that running for your life is a very valid solution sometimes. As is hiding in a shelter and hoping the machines probing outside your door eventually move on.

You get better at it with time, just like any other game. Better weapons and gear, skill points, more experience with aiming and hitting your target and learning the tactics and behavior of your enemies. I’m having a lot of fun with it, even when it does get frustrating at times. Just have to stick with it.

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I really love that the game was challenging and hard at the start (and dont forget those are really the easy robots you are fighting). You start with no equipment at all, no skills and you have no clue whats going on (thats the story). So yes it should be dangerous and hard.

Try to avoid groups of robots. Often its better to just run away. Find a rifle with a scope and hit those runners on their tank on top. Use flares to lure them away or fireworks to distract and confuse them.

Also every robot has his own weakness and you need different tactics on them which makes the game great and as soon as you learned their weaknesses the game will become easier. So you could check some videos or ask for guidance or you could figure out all the weakspots by yourself (which imo is much more fun and gives some kind of accomplishment back).

Also by the time you hit lvl10 you shouldn’t be scared of runners and harvesters anymore. Hunters and tanks will still be a challenge by that and the fnix robots too. But again those have weaknesses too…

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I’m on ps4 T9-coldAZice

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To be honest, it felt like hard at first because of no clue of what’s going on at first but it took me awhile to pick things up and figure out a different strategy to fight different machines with different weapons and make a plan ahead of time when you see them that they can’t see you. That’s what makes this game fun. You get to be alert at all the time. From there, you get pick it up quickly.

I beat this game on SOLO entire time and got all achievements (1,000 GS) myself and at the end, it isn’t hard to be honest. You get better weapons later on and know which place has a plenty of loots to pick up.

As long as you remember this is not a shooter game, then it is a fantastic game! You need to think, be a bit tactical and plan how to travel. Then when you get more and more guns you can be more brave. But the game reflect real world in the way that you need to gain experience and understand what you are up against before you can hit back.

( After all missions and side missions, it is a bit more shooter, looking for rivals. )

In the beginning of the game for me I squat and walk slowly as I approach farms and buildings-this shuts off the alert icon as your moving. You can get closer this way. I prefer to shoot from building windows with a basic sniper at first.

The game is really tough initially, but once you learn the ropes it gets easier. Playing MP also helps tremendously. When I started out I was dying left and right and now I can take down tanks (albiet VERY carefully) solo.