Just want to say hii

hello I just want to say hii I am new to this forum and also want to know about generation zero could anyone tell me how it works.

Hi, Why are you angry Thor?

My moderator senses are tingling :roll_eyes:


Hi @angrythor . :slight_smile:

Do you want to know how Generation Zero works?
Well… Shoot the machines before they shoot you.

The game can be hard.
Some players keep on trying until they master the game. (Do this. :+1:)

Others come on the forum and complain about how bad the game is, and how the devs fail to satisfy their personal preferences. @Zesiir is probably getting this vibe now… :wink:

But all kidding aside, explaining how GZ works in one topic is a bit much. Do a search on the forum. You’ll find tips for every aspect of the game. Ask something specific, and you will get answers. :slight_smile:

My first tip for you will be:

You can only pick 30 perks for each character, and once you pick one you can’t revert it.
Choose wisely.

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@Gysbert he’s angry because he hasn’t played generation zero yet

Well… you start it up - just like any other game.
You set up options, controls, etc. - just like any other game.
You pick up a visual representation for you character - like in some games.
You start playing - and from now on it’s unlike any other games out there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: