Just wanted to say how amazing this community is

I’m relatively new to the game, only a few months and maybe 100-200 hours, but even in that rather short time, it’s been such a massive change to see a game’s community so open and patient. This forum helped me get through the majority of this game, thanks to all the helpful people answering people’s questions, and it’s incredible to see how patient people are with the devs.

I’m a Warframe “veteran”, if you could call me that, with around 3500 hours in missions. Thanks to my time there, it’s become normal for me to get mad about problems and complain at the devs, as it’s the only way Warframe’s devs will actually listen. I came to the forums checking on the assigments bugs, expecting to see people getting mad like I’ve seen so many other places, but I found nothing but support and excitement from everyone talking about it. I even went on the dev’s Twitter, and found them actively responding to people, even simple stuff and small questions.

Gen Zero might be a fairly small game currently, but the attitude of the community and devs has really sold me on the game. I look forward to sticking around and seeing where this game goes ^^


Hey Jane. While the game certainly has a few bugs, it has been my go to for quite a while. The game seems to have come so far and there are a lot of plans for the future. Somewhat new to the community myself but a great forum to get help and learn. Welcome to the group!

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As long as the devs actively work on bugs and remain active in the community, I don’t mind bugs. They’re annoying, but if the community shows them this kind of patience and trust, then I’ll do the same c:


Hi Jane… me Tarz… erm… Gysbert. :smiley:
On what platform are you playing? PC, Xbox, PS4?


I’m on Xbox, playing through Win10 c:

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Oh God, it took me way too long to see your joke, I’m feeling slow today, it seems… >w<


If you’re were born in the Decade called “The Golden Age of Capitalism” you are bound to be a bit slower. :wink:

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Welcome to the forums, and thanks for the kind words!

Glad to see you’re enjoying the community. Means someone’s done something right somewhere :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: The dev team for Generation Zero is fairly small, but I can confirm that they’re nice people who care about their playerbase as much as humanly possible.

Happy posting :+1:


Small teams are fine by me as long as they don’t fall into the usual traps bigger companies fall into, and so far, these guys are doing great!

Thanks for sharing that, we’re really happy to read that and super glad that you found your way here!


Hi @Jane and welcome to the Forum. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. There will be allways someone that helps you :smiley: :raising_hand_man:


Notice you got a developer and a moderator to reply to you, Jane. You know the game has a bright future when you see this kind of thing happening :slight_smile:


I completely agree! It’s great to see, honestly


Hi everyone, I have been playing this game for 3 months now, and restarted it 3 times because of the bugs in game , I do the missions and the thing is not there ?? First contact mission can’t kill the boss to get that mission done , mad ???

Just restarted it again from beginning , crazy :cry:

Need help I hope the fix bugs :ant: it’s a top game ,!!